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Kings cross is not only one of the most important terminus in London but also one of the most famous. London’s King’s Cross station was opened in 1852. It was a started as a part of the Great Northern Railways and the terminus of the East Coast Main Line. It’s is a beautiful example of Victorian architecture. A more seamless blend of historic design with modern technologies is not present anywhere else. It was designed by Lewis Cubitt and built by George Turnbull. With over one hundred and sixty years of history, there is no shortage to the number of interesting tidbits to share. It is not just a network that helps you travel from one place to another but an important landmark with its own significant impact on the culture of the country. Learn some interesting facts about King Cross in this blog and you can book your next visit to King Cross with Cheap minicab service too.

 The Figures

There are 11 platforms in the King’s Cross Station. These platforms see fifty million commuters per year. The cost of the land was original £65,000 and the construction cost was £123,000. By comparison, the estimated to renovate the glorious King’s Cross station in 2008 was £650 million.

Crucial Link in the Chain

More than any other station, the King’s Cross station is served by a number of lines. Lines that service the station right now amount to six. These stations include Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Piccadilly, Circle, Northern and Victoria.

It’s All Fun & Games

A new game app has been developed for your iPhone or Android. This app lets you transform the fountains in the close by Granary Square into a giant game of Snake. You can play this game by downloading the “Granary Squirt” game from the Apple store or the Play Store.


The shortest lift in the world, which stands at a height of 2.3 metres is found at Kings Cross Station.

Feel the Magic

The King’s Cross Station has been featured in many books and films. But the most famous and noteworthy appearance of this station, which attracts tourists from all over the world, is its mention in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The gateway to platform 9 ¾ is set up in a separate part of the station for tourist photo ops along with a Harry Potter store.

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