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Deep below the Euston, lies a long-disused network of tunnels as well as a tiny ticket office that have both never been seen before for about 50 years, until now. The Euston’s underground tunnels have been a cause of much curiosity for people of all ages. Thus as a part of the Transport Museum’s “Hidden London” series, there is now an opportunity to go below and see the Euston Hidden Underground Tunnel. If you are intended to visit these historic places, you can even opt for some cheap minicab taxi service as it will be economic for you as well.

The disused tunnels have faced neglect over the span of 50 years. Ever since they were abandoned in 1960. The derelict tunnels have been in this state of disregard. The newly built Victoria line’s arrival and the replacement of the old tunnels for the new ones left the old ones sealed off and forgotten by the general public. These network of tunnels were largely forgotten.

Originally there were two branches of the northern line. When the two branches were originally constructed, they were built by two opposing companies. Due to their rivalry, the mainline company insisted that both of them be allowed to build two separate entrances. In a gesture of concession, they were allowed to have a shared entrance inside the mainline station. The stations were designed in the same way as all of the stations of that time. Like all stations of that time, this station too had lifts that took passengers down. Thanks to this they could turn left to the Charing Cross branch or right to the Bank branch.

The opening to the Euston’s Hidden Underground tunnels was discovered by customers. naturally, customers found the entrance inside the mainline station a lot more comfortable than the outside stations. In 1914 these tunnels were closed down. One has since been demolished and the other tunnel serves (just like all other such tunnels) as a ventilation shaft for the tube network above.

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