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Every place has its own charm and its own story to tell. These stories are not only in the form of words. Sometimes these stories are in the form of the beautiful places present there which makes it a special place to visit. Named in the Domesday Book and one of London’s boroughs is such a place named as Enfield. In Greater London, it is one of the outlying suburbs. As London grew with the industrial revolution so did Enfield. This is a place which has a rich history and so many beautiful places to visit too. You can visit this beautiful place that too with cheap minicab taxi transfer service easily available in town. If you are new to Enfield, then you do not need to worry. Because we have compiled some places in Enfield which are a treat to visit. Not only for the nature lovers and museum lovers but for everyone who loves to know stories related to places.

 Enfield Museum

In order to learn the local history some of the best places are Borough museums. From ancient times to the present much history has been on display here at the Enfield Museum. You can find items manufactured here as well as life over the centuries. The way world wars shaped the borrow is also illustrated in the form of a temporary exhibit. This place is the best one to visit if you are interested in the history of Enfield.

 Whitewebbs Transport Museum

With a collection of miniature artefacts to full-sized vehicles of all types, Whitewebbs will surprise you. Upon visiting the old Victorian pumping station, you can find motorcycles, fire engines, delivery vans and much more. All these show how life was in Enfield back in the days and the way people used to travel.

Trent Park

In greater London as one of King Henry VIII’s many hunting grounds this park was started. The Duke of Gloucester’s life was saved by some doctor in 1777 and at that time King George III gifted it to the doctor. The bordering Middlesex College and Trent Park House are also here on the grounds. There are many features of this park, some of them are museums, golf club, and equestrian centres. In order to visit such amazing places as mentioned above in Enfield, there must be a reliable transport service, that is exactly what Cheap Minicab Taxi transfer service is here to provide you. So, hurry up, choose Cheap Minicab taxi transfer service as your mode of transport. You can book online or call us at +44-20-3000-6953

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